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A 10-email outline system designed to help you build better relationships with your subscribers and turn them into lifetime customers from the first email. (aka finally create a welcome sequence you’re proud of!)

This is your first step to simplifying your welcome sequence.

  • You’ve been dabbling with the idea of creating a welcome sequence for an upcoming freebie launch. You’ve had it on your to-do list for a while and the thought of writing the first email makes you feel like that fruit sitting in the back drawer of your fridge…(yeah, serious yuck that we can’t avoid much longer…)

  • So truth be told, you’re not really new to email writing, you just got other things you’d rather be doing. If only you can walk right through the writer’s block and right on over to email writing flow heaven…where the words just flow from your fingertips and in turn your ideal clients are typing in their credit card digits faster than you can say “hot potato”.

  • You want a way to bring people into your world, nurture them, and lead them on a journey to either become a raving fan or your next best client. But the question you get stuck with is…HOW when I can’t get past the first email?

  • Let me show you how I use my 10 email outline system to create welcome sequences that do exactly that. (And that you can repurpose too!)

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[MAIN LOGO] Ashley DeLuca - Hello 2 Welcome (350 × 200 px)


Your running starts to create a profitable welcome sequence that is guided by strategic outlines and examples to fuel your ideas past the writer’s block that is keeping you stuck. (And from launching your next big thing!)

Whether you’re just getting started or you’re wanting to start fresh…

Join other coaches and service providers who are taking their subscribers from hello, you’re in my world to welcome to my inner circle.

Inside of Hello to Welcome you’ll find…

  • → My 10-part email outline system which has every opening hook, supporting details, transition, and CTA so you can write in YOUR voice (and not sound like a robot along the way!)

  • → Example copy of all 10 emails to help move you past those sticky writer’s block moments that get you from scrolling on Insta for “inspo” #guilty

  • → A short walkthrough video that will give show you the ropes without boring you with fluffy details that keep you from the good stuff

  • → Access to download the outlines right into Convertkit with the automation set-up and everything…it’s kinda like magic if you ask me.

Grab it now for $297 (and skip my $1750 price tag for me to write it for you!)

  • BUT…let me be clear there’s no plug-n-play templates that make you sound like everyone else. *cue the sigh of relief*

  • My goal is to help guide you to create your own unique email copy that sounds just like you and nobody else…just without the headache and tears attached to trying to do it all by yourself.

You’re unique. What you do is unique. Your emails should be unique to you too.

(And so if you’re tired of using the same recycled email templates, this is for you.)

So who’s the gal behind the emails?

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I remember when I first wrote a welcome sequence.

It was 5 emails long and cringe at best as I tried to piece together random Facebook group advice to link together with my freebie.

It wasn’t until I decided to scrap the strategies everyone else was using and carve out my own path that I realized that it could be done with a bit more conversation AND intention.

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Fast forward to the present day, I’ve spent the last six years learning, writing, and implementing welcome sequences for many 6-7 figure business owners ranging from business coaches to Dubsado service providers. (And frankly everything between!)

I’ll even toot my own horn and share that I’ve been featured in Thrive Global, Funnel Magazine, GoDaddy and many other podcasts, summits, and magazines.

But what you’ll honestly care about the most is this…

I’ve used this same exact process I’m teaching you now inside of lists of all sizes ranging from 100 to 50k+ and on all sorts of email platforms. It doesn’t matter where you start as long as you start somewhere.

So if you’re ready to start writing, I’ve it all written down for you to get started.

Okay, so if you’ve gotten this far down the page, you probably have a question or two.

And so here’s the FAQs for ya.

  • Q: Will you tell me what the 10 emails are?

    A: Sure will! I’ve outlined a welcome email, connection email, two teaching emails, relatable email, two types of sales emails, check-in email, FAQ email, and transition/summary email. But you’ll only find out what those actually mean inside. 😉

  • Q: What if I get the outlines and I’m still stuck, do I get any support?

    A: I want to make sure that you’re able to walk away confident in the emails you’ve created. If you find yourself stuck while going through Hello to Welcome, there is email support available to help! Please keep in mind this is a DIY system and additional support is available for purchase.

  • Q: How much time will this take me to complete?

    A: Honestly, the answer is “it just depends” on your writing skills and confidence. On average, it takes most people a couple of days to complete as they do it in between calls or other client work.

  • Q: I’m not a copywriter…so can I still do this?

    A: It’s not about being a conversion copywriting expert – rather knowing your ideal client and you already speaking to them via social media captions or other written content converts.

  • Q: Do I get life-time access?

    A: YES! You’ll get life-time access for the life of the product.

  • Q: What if I get inside and don’t love it?

    A: If you enroll in Hello to Welcome and don’t absolutely love it after reviewing the content and completing (aka writing) the first 3 emails, you have 72 hours to email me your completed emails for a full refund. (Send it to [email protected])

  • Q: Okay, no more questions, I’m ready!

    A: You got it, click below to jump inside!


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