3 Ways To Master Landing Pages Without Breaking A Sweat

landing pages, master landing pages, content marketing, education, landing page preparation Today, I’m extremely excited to be able to share with you 3 ways to master landings pages without breaking a sweat. I have found that we often times let the little things stop us from making serious moves in our business. Not knowing how to master landing pages and prepare for them…is one thing that held me back. Now I am able to use landing pages to help spotlight my offers, get more leads, and convert them into clients.

Let’s dive into my three part action plan for landing pages!

Part One: How are you going to make it a reality to master landing pages

The first step is making sure you have your foundation set in place. You have a wide range of options depending on your price range, skill levels, and depending on what you are currently using. What you need to plan for is how you are going to create your offer, what e-mail marketing you are going to be using, and who is going to be hosting your landing page. Here’s some recommendations to get you started:

Creating your offer:

  • For a PDF: Canva
  • For a course: Teachable
  • For a service or product offering: varies based off of what it is.

E-mail marketing:

Landing page:

Of course, if you have a piece of the puzzle already, use what works best for you. These are just suggestions. 🙂

Part Two: Whatcha going to offer

Here’s the biggest piece of the puzzle. You have to know exactly what you are going to offer because this is the biggest piece of the puzzle that we can not miss out on. Not only that, but I always recommend validating your offer with your ideal audience BEFORE putting in all the work of launching it. Not to mention if you focus on an offer that has been validated, you will be completely better off in the long run. There is no reason to waste your time on your offer that nobody wants, right?

Here’s some ideas of what you could offer:

  • A free opt-in/content upgrade to further expand on your blog post
  • A training that you host in the future
  • An audio or video series
  • A PDF guide on a topic
  • A service or product offering

The options are truly endless. But the main focus should be focusing on meeting a need for your ideal client.

Part Three: Getting the people to your landing page

Obviously once you get this all created, you need to place a marketing strategy behind it. How are you going to get people to that landing page? How are you going to drive the traffic to actually see results? Here’s some easy ways to promote your landing page:

  • On all your social media channels
  • Within your e-mails
  • On promotion threads in Facebook Groups
  • Providing it to people during relevant conversations

Mastering landing pages means that we need to first know and understand the process. By having these simple steps lined out, you can become confident in your ability to produce landing pages that will get you solid results AND make you not sweat about it! Let’s take it one step further on how to master landing pages!


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