Subject: relationships + sales with email marketing

Through a relationship-first based email marketing strategy

clients spilling the guac…

Here’s what some of my Past Clients are saying about me.

Since starting in email marketing 5 years ago, I’ve written hundreds (if not at least a thousand by now) of emails that have helped my clients accelerate their backend growth and their sales too. And they can’t stop from raving about me.

If your emails are turning stale… It's time to toss the brown guac

You’re tired of sending emails that don’t receive much ROI. You’d rather be snacking on guac n' chips knowing you’re creating lifetime customers through your emails. (And adding to your bank account.)

You’ve worked endlessly on building your list, sending emails, and even setting up some automations for subscribers to go through.

You want to build a two-way relationship with your subscribers, but you’re finding that they’re simply just not hitting reply. (Or even opening your emails!)

You thought you checked off all the boxes only to find that your emails are coming across like stale chips to your subscribers.

You get a few replies and some sales, but you’re looking for continuous improvement that you can measure and improve on.

It seems like no matter what you do, your subscribers aren’t digging your email guac…

While relationships come first in your book, your emails maybe lean more on the transactional side.

Your emails may feel a bit more one-sided and don’t feel like a two way conversational street.

So how would it feel to have a relationship-first based email marketing strategy that created backend growth on autopilot?

That's where I come in as an email marketing strategist. I offer done for you services along with done with you services. Book a call to learn more to see if we'd be a perfect fit!

Hey, I’m Ashley DeLuca

The “holy guac!” email marketing gal

Growing up, I had this bright neon green notebook and a younger sister who loved mac n cheese. I filled that notebook with stories about a restaurant called “the mac n cheese place”. Mainly to humor myself but also for my little sister to enjoy.

I found myself writing story blurbs for the local paper that they would then publish in a special kid’s section once a week. I remember rushing to my grandparents house every Tuesday to see if I had been published. Week after week I would get published and my confidence in my writing grew.

After I grew too old to submit, I had this idea to start a blog in order to start sharing my 14 year old thoughts to the rest of the world. (I wouldn’t recommend going and trying to find it now!)

With library books in hand, I built my first website using a laptop bought with babysitting money and books about HTML, CSS, and I specifically remember getting The Big Red Fern by Seth Godin. I dove into those books and started my first website.

Fast forward a few years, I ended up at Panera with my friend CC at the time who was double my age. (Double the wisdom too!) And it wasn’t until she told me… “Ashley, you know you could just go and open your business right?” Then I realized that the business plan I shrugged off in college was exactly what I wanted to start now…a web design company.

Over the past 5 years, I have mastered email marketing for e-Commerce and service based businesses by simply putting the conversation and intention back into it. As a podcaster and keynote speaker, I’m widely regarded as the go-to source for all things email marketing.

I have been featured on Thrive Global, Funnel Magazine, GoDaddy, Mind of George, and many others. Since starting in the email world, I have also worked with many 6-7 figure businesses ranging from business coaching to health and wellness physical products. You may have heard that I’m obsessed with avocados, sea turtles, and email marketing. (And won’t ever pass up a good cup of coffee!)

Looking for a speaker for your podcast, summit, or upcoming event? Send an email to [email protected]
This is why I’ve also been featured in places such as…
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[MAIN LOGO] Ashley DeLuca - Hello 2 Welcome (350 × 200 px)

A 10-email outline system designed to help you build better relationships with your subscribers and turn them into lifetime customers from the first email. (aka finally create a welcome sequence you’re proud of!)

Holy guac, I got some Q’s first

Nope, you can come just as you are! Whether you have 30 or 5000, you simply need a validated offer and a strong brand message to share we can work together!

My focus is helping you take your current (and new!) subscribers through an intentional customer journey. I’m happy to help brainstorm opt-in and subscriber growth ideas, but it is not my specialty! Depending on the platform, you’re wanting to focus on, I would contact a specialist in that area.

I’m always happy to provide feedback, however I don’t write them or provide specific training or strategy around them. It’s a completely different kind of copy, so I leave it to the copywriting experts. Need a recommendation? Hit me up on Instagram!

If you’re wanting a full account audit, you can request one! With this audit, we will focus on the high-level main changes you can make to help you intentionally communicate better with your audience! (And create more sales in the process!) This includes looking at your past campaigns, sequences, and tagging/segmentation strategy which will be shared with you in a Google Doc.

While working together, my clients do see an increase in open and click rates. However, there isn’t just a magical strategy that goes along with it. In fact, it’s more commonly a relationship problem that we work on solving first that helps with your open + click rates.

Whether you’re a service, digital product, or e-Commerce business owner, YES! Over the past 5 years, I’ve worked with various types of brands and would love to serve yours too. If you have a unique brand and want to ask, feel free to reach out here and tell me all about it!

Consider me your email marketing partner in this! After you’ve approved your emails, one of my team members will implement the sequence/ 8 campaigns for you. Email support is for any questions you may have.

Whether it be about the outlines or emails I’ve created, how to send a segmented campaign, or my thoughts on how you should tag your subscribers. I’m here to help during my current business hours. 

HECK YES! I offer both retainer and project rates based on your needs. Fill out my form here to get a proposal and we can talk the details out. 🙂

During our kick-off call, we establish goals together for us to work towards. It could be a combination of an enrollment goal, engagement goal, or sales goal. You get to choose what our target is and we can plan accordingly from there! (Side note: Everyone’s goal and results vary based on a number of factors.)

Here’s what happens next:

  • You’ll immediately receive an email outlining the best way to communicate with me and the game plan as we start this journey together!
  • We’re ditching the mile long forms and hand cramps! I’ve set it up for us to hop on a 20-minute call to get this process rolling. You’ll come with some ideas of what you want to outline together and the goal of the sequence/campaigns.
  • Sit back and relax! I’m currently in the process of stalking (aka intaking) all your current content so I can learn more about you and your business!

If you’ve requested an audit as well, I will be working on completing your audit before our first call. (Which includes looking at your past campaigns, sequences, and tagging/segmentation strategy!)

You’re more than welcome to hit me up over on Instagram!

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